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Eva Bora

I blend in naturally as that sweet, curvy neighborhood girl next door you saw when you went for a walk the other day. Or, in more professional settings, maybe I'm more like that sharp office coworker you've secretly been pining after since she started working with you.

My soft, perky 38C breasts that are easy to cup are outshined only by my larger, rounder bottom. While I have the stamina of an energizer bunny, I prefer to draw out my experiences with my lovers at an all-encompassing, satisfying yet tortuously slow pace.

I like to be intimate intellectually as well. I have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, and I've been in freelance copywriting for over eight years. I love the marketing world and even teach workshops for sales and marketing teams in tech. I also wrote (as a ghostwriter) a book for a lifestyle blogger. As you can imagine, I have a breadth of knowledge in various areas and always love to learn more from intellectually-adept partners.

Your time with me will be warm and comfortable. You will always be treated like we are old friends. I am always naturally myself, and with me you can feel at home as we sink into a world of fun.

Eva Bora

Eva Bora

Eva Bora

I also love to travel and have been to many cities. A handful of the cities I've been to are:

San Francisco
New york

I have been to many more cities in my travels but we can discuss all my other adventures over a long romantic dinner or if you prefer we can do it as pillow talk.

A few places I'd love to visit eventually are:

Los Angeles
New Orleans

Maybe you and I can discuss the possibilities of flying me to you. I'd love to be invited on a seductive,lush vacation with you.

Until we meet...



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Eva Bora