You finally sent Your screening info. Now what?

You finally sent your booking form and screening information. You’ve been browsing my ads and followed my Twitter feed. You even got on my newsletter. You look at my pictures and read my copy, and you’re so turned on.

After several weeks, months or years, you finally mustered up the courage to reach out to me by filling out my form or emailing me a formal introduction.

As a new client, what can you expect to happen now?

Expect to wait for me to review your screening information

At least the first time you reach out to me, I might not be near to instant about responding back to you.

Generally first time clients will have a hard time getting a same-day booking. If you do, it’s because you made it as easy as possible for me to move forward.

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In general, it’s normal to wait up to 48 hours for me to respond back. Sometimes it’s shorter (an hour even), but don’t get nervous just because I didn’t respond right away. I do my own admin these days, so if you don’t hear back from me in over two days feel free to reach out again.

I often won’t respond to inquiries with incomplete information or false information (i.e a Textnow number instead of your carrier number). If I do, you have one interaction to send the correct information and follow my instructions or I will decline seeing you.

If you did send complete information, please wait. More than two days no response? Please reach out again as I might have missed your booking request. That or something came up for me personally (i.e I’m handling family matters or traveling in an area with spotty reception).

I just ask that you be kind if that happens.

I might ask for more screening info from you

85% of the time, the screening information I ask for is enough for me to make an informed decision about seeing you.

The other 15% of the time, I might need a little more info from you to make sure I’m looking at the right information.

This doesn’t mean I think you’re lying to me. It just means that I came to results that I need more info to dig into further.

Because clients have been nervous about this, here’s two common reasons I might need more info from you even if you did everything right:

  • Your carrier number has a different name associated with it (such as your parent, your spouse, your workplace, etc.)
  • Your full name is common and the same as someone with a criminal record, and I can’t discern if you’re them or not

In cases like this, it’s common for me to also ask for a license, face photo, LinkedIn Profile, work badge, or in some cases, replying via your work email to something I send with a normal gmail account (not my provider email).

All of this is to help me determine who you are and if I feel safe with you. I am trusting you with my body, so if there is a risk, I tend to err on the side of caution.

If for some reason I look at your information and I decide I can’t see you due to my own comfort for any reason, I will decline your request. Please honor and respect me saying no if that happens.

Assuming you pass with your initial information…

We’ll coordinate a call to schedule our session

If you specify in your booking form to reach out via email first, I’ll reach out confirming we’re moving forward and that we’ll talk scheduling specifics on a short phonecall. I value your discretion, so I’ll check to see if I can text the number you gave me first via email.

If you said you want a text before calling instead, I’ll move forward with the number you specified as the preferred contact phone.

For some reason new clients are surprised by this, but this is a valuable part of my screening process. If you’ve made it to a phonecall, you’ve passed many of my other checks and balances. I want to get on the phone and talk to you for a moment and do the final check– how easy it is to schedule with you.

We have a ten minute phonecall

Here’s what I get out of doing an initial phonecall:

  • a date and time firmed up (much faster in a five minute phonecall than texting or emailing back and forth) along with confirming how you’ll pay your deposit on the booking.
  • establishing rapport so you understand who I am
  • getting a vibe check from you as a final part of screening

Vibe check is pretty easy honestly, but people mess it up more often than you’d think. I’m okay with the nervous yet excited people, but I’m not okay with the people thinking because we’re on the phone you can now ask me if I do (insert 5 different acronyms). That’s not how it works and that’s an immediate no from me.

If it’s your first time seeing a provider, please tell me on this call! I’ll explain to you some logistics of our session (getting there, when I’ll give directions to where you’re going or when I expect them from you, order of events, etc.) so you feel more secure about what to expect moving forward.

From there, if we’ve confirmed a date and time with a deposit, you’ll receive an email the day of with my incall location (which we’ll coordinate either together or with my own schedule of incalls) or if I’m coming to you, I’ll ask that you send me the address and directions for parking. If you’re coming to me, I’ll give you the room number once you’ve confirmed you’re parked along with directions to the elevator.

After that? Well, that’s the part you’ll have to experience for yourself.

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