Why Hotels Are Better Than Apartments for My Incalls

Many providers work out of hotels for their incalls these days. Clients are still surprised or disappointed when they find out I don’t have access to an incall on demand like they want.

Some providers may use their apartment for incalls. Many will even rent a separate apartment for incalls.

I’m not one of them.

I’ve given it some good thought a few times now. I’ve decided that I’m pro-hotels-for-incalls. That may change in the future, but don’t hold your breath.

This is why I’m pro-hotels for incalls:

I can keep safe and discreet by not being in one spot almost all the time.

Too many stories of people getting their incalls busted are out there. It could be nosey neighbors, a vengeful client, stalkers… I want none of that. Hotels allow me to be mobile so I lower my risk of something like the above happening.

Bonus: I have a few hotels I like staying at locally. One just might be more convenient for you to get to when I book it.

From a Business Perspective: I’m not stressed out about the cost of my incall (especially in the Boston area)

I’ve looked into renting a separate apartment a few times. Ultimately, the rent is too damn high for a quality incall apartment. In order to break even on an incall lease alone, the first three sessions of every month would purely go towards paying for my incall.

Lower cost apartments are also lower quality. I prefer to give quality.

Being a provider also isn’t my full-time job. I rent a hotel maybe 5 days out of the month max and work outcalls otherwise. By working at a hotel, I get a higher quality space for less money than rent, and I don’t have to pay any utility bills either.

Hotels aren’t the same price every day, sure. Some months might be more expensive. But ultimately, renting space on demand means I’m more in control of the costs and can work less or more without worrying about a high overhead cost.

When Boston area hotels get really pricey (it spikes sometimes), I might rent it for a half day– Dayuse and HotelsByDay do exist! (Note this, those that want to see me sooner rather than later and need to book an outcall.)

This all means fairer, more stable pricing for you and less stress for me. Everyone wins!

On top of that…

The Perks and Points are great

I’m a travel hacking nerd, so when I get my hotels I’m often racking up points. As I look in my account I’ve accumulated over 106,000 points in my hotel of choice, nevermind the convertable points from other credit cards I use for booking my hotels and sometimes planes. I’ve travel hacked for personal use and business use. The points come in handy when I want to tour a certain place.

Points are also helpful those months when hotel prices shoot up astronomically. Did all my favorite incalls shoot up $400+ a night suddenly for the day someone wants to have a dinner date with me? If so, I’m dipping into my points bank to pay for it instead. Now I pay $0 instead of crazy prices. Plus my client doesn’t have to chip in, so he can spoil me more.

I tend to stay loyal with one particular hotel brand too, so I have elite status with them. This helps me with building discretion so hotel staff leave me alone.

I also get nice perks along the way. Bonus points? Thank you! Room upgrade? Hot! Access to the executive suite lounge? Yay hors d’ouvres and limitless soft drinks! Free breakfast? Delicious! Late checkout? One more client I can see! The benefits and points rack up as you gain status. I found it worth playing the points and elite status game.

I’d see it as a place to expand– and not in a good way

When I check into a hotel, I bring my bag and empty it. My system for carrying my stuff around compactly is useful. I started as an outcall-only lady years ago, so I’m good at packing the bag well and keeping it on hand in my car at all times.

With a permanent incall, I’d also have more space to expand the stuff I have all over the apartment. When I’m given space, I’ll find a way to fill it with stuff.

I’m prone to losing things in big spaces. This is really not a good idea. Personal space for incall is nice, but not when I lose everything.

I stay light and mobile when I have one bag for everything.

Speaking of being mobile, the most valuable and important thing to me about having hotels for incall spaces is…

I don’t have to do much of anything to prepare the space or clean it up.

The hotel room is clean and ready to go when I check in. The bed is made. Fresh towels are hanging and ready for me. Everything is neat and ready to be used. All I have to do is put away my personal belongings and pull out what I need to work.

I just need to pack up my bag when I’m done and ready to check out. I’ll put the towels and linens in a pile for housekeeping and leave them a nice tip (gotta tip them well so I stay on their good side and can keep coming to the hotel!).

From there, I leave. Someone else is taking care of cleaning. I don’t have to do laundry. I can leave shortly after my last session and go home.

That’s it.

Less labor to do before and after sessions. Less worries about the next day. I just leave and check in again when I’m ready to be back.

And this means more care and attention for you. I can give you more of me because of hotels.

Don’t you want more of me when we’re together?

Yeah. I thought so.

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